Backflow Prevention

The term “back-flow” is as bad as it sounds and it is not something you want in your residential or commercial building. Back-flow is when water in pipes or pipeline systems goes in the wrong direction. When this happens, clean water can be contaminated by dirty water and cause significant health and environmental problems. Contaminated water can be unsafe to drink and use in your house. Back-flow Preventers must be installed and maintained at cross connections to control pressure levels and keep water flowing in the correct direction.

Alberti and Sons Plumbing is fully licensed by New York State to test and certify Back-flow Preventers. We have the experience and the capability to effectively install and maintain these devices. Back-flow Preventers should be maintained regularly to avoid more expensive problems in the future. Let Alberti and Sons Plumbing keep your water clean and your family safe. Send us a Request for Service to schedule an appointment.

Please download our back-flow prevention form here.

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